Call for Smart Cities Experts: Research on evaluation-prioritization of smart cities projects

The aim of our research is to record experts' opinion about the importance of each action/project that has been collected and categorised.

Please evaluate the importance of each action regarding its possible contribution to making a city smarter (or more sustainable, consuming fewer resources, with the use of ICT). You may also recommend actions, filling in the appropriate space (other actions) in each category. Please consider that you are giving your expert opinion for a medium-sized city, in a rather early-stage of ICT development.

We would be grateful if you could contribute with some of your knowledge to our research.

Link for the questionnaire for smart cities experts:

Thank you in advance for your time and help,
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Dimitrios Kolokotronis (


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Herman van den Bosch

As this research is part of the learning experience of young students, I strongly advise not to limit sharing of information by questioning projectleaders or other experts involved. I suggest a kind of 360 degrees evaluation, in which at least four other people who are involved are contacted and (critically) questioned about their experiences and the impact the project had upon them.