Data Science Student Opportunities


I am a fourth year student at UC Berkeley studying data science and sustainable design. I currently live in Berkeley, California but am moving to Amsterdam post-graduation from January 2022. I am interested in volunteer/part-time work opportunities in data analytics for smart cities, given Amsterdam's impressive internet of things ecosystem. I am a motivated, hard worker with the ability to learn new things quickly, and am curious about many topics. Please let me know if there are any positions that are open to a person in my position, thank you!


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Evert Kuiken

Hi Kim, if you are open for voluntary work, I could use your help. I started a project about air quality, measuring PM10 and PM2.5. The collected data has to be analyzed/interpreted. Is that something you could do? Here a description of the project in Dutch. Google Translate should be able to make an English version.

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Philippe Rapin

Hey Jacqueline - Exciting and welcome to Europe! I'll contact you via Linkedin.