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Evert Kuiken, Manager operations and projectmanager , posted

Herman's Smart Grids

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Herman can switch energy produced by solar panels to a specific household connected to it. Herman's Smart Grid enables it to distribute energy to a connected storage device as well. And Herman's Smart Grid can switch on or off or even manage household appliances to balance energy produced and energy used. And it can do so several times a day.

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Evert Kuiken, Manager operations and projectmanager , posted

LENS nominated for DAM award

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LENS, developer of Herman the power distributor, Herman de zonnestroomverdeler is nominated for the DAM award! You can vote for us here: https://www.amsterdam.nl/damprijs/

The award is for a small company ("MKB") in Amsterdam that is sustainable both with it's product as with the way it works.

LENS is currently working on a smart grid solution with our Herman. For more information see http://lens-energie.nl/smart-grid/

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