Interest in district heating or Industrial waste heat recovery projects

Hi all,
do you know about a district heating or Industrial waste heat recovery project, that might want to have some energetic help?

I just finished my interdisciplinary Bachelor of Business Administration and Engineering with the focus on energy technology and quality management at the faculty of resource management in Gottingen, Germany with my thesis about the use of industrial waste heat in the paper industry. In September I will start the master's programme Sustainable Development Track Energy and Materials at Utrecht University.

And starting from right now I would be available to support your project!
I would love to learn more about how industrial waste heat recovery projects are realized.

Kind regards,


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Tom Moran

Hi Leila - I just yesterday had a meeting where this came up. Although I am not sure if there is a position available I know that Data Centers in Amsterdam are actively working on projects using heat recovery and that 20% of all foreign investment in The Netherlands is coming into the Data Center market so I would expect there are some opportunities worth checking out. More at

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Robert Hemmen

I am going to start a district heating project well with the University of Amsterdam, E.ON and a large chemical company. We’re going to use the latest generation of HeatNet technology from the largest energy company in Europe, called E.ON. Their low temperature HeatNet is called Ectogrid. We will start our feasibility study in March 2020. An internship is possible.

Bye, Robert Hemmen

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Micha Hes

Hi Leila, Maybe I could help out. AEB Amsterdam is the waste to energy company in Amsterdam. We might just have an internship for you.