Rooftop Award 2018

Rooftop Award 2018
It is time again for the 'Rooftopper' and 'Roofflopper' of 2018. Report the ugliest or most beautiful green roof in the Netherlands and hopefully the roof will win the Rooftop Award 2018!

Send a photo of the most beautiful or ugliest roof and report the roof through the link below. You can register until June 4th. Rooftop Revolution and ROEF select the top 10 most promising roofs in both categories. From the top 10, a professional jury chooses the Rooftopper and Roofflopper.

Criteria for the Rooftopper and Roofflopper
The criteria for the (pre-) selection are:
- The current state of the roof
- Public accessibility
- Innovation and inspiration
- Sustainability and green
- Visibility

The Rooftopper wins a bee hotel to make the roof even more beautiful. De Roofflopper gets a free roof scan of € 500, carried out by Rooftop Revolution. The awards will be presented on Friday 22nd of June during the annual Rooftop Symposium in the Queen Maxima Hall of the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT).

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