Searching for early adopter for Smart city traffic system!

With 45 Actibump installations in Sweden and 7 in Australia Edeva are now looking for a first customers in The Netherlands.
The Actibump is a dynamic speed bump. In combination with the web service EdevaLive (SaaS) this a real Smart City System.
Besides safe and accessible pedestrian crossings the system generates loads of data in real time.
We are offering the first customers to rent the system during a test period.
Please read more at and get in touch with to get the offer!

The test-site we’re looking for has the following properties:
• Speeding issues
• >2000 vehicles/day
• Pedestrians and/or cyclists crossing
• Speed limit 50 km/h or lower
• On an active bus route

There is no upper limit on the number of vehicles per day. There is also no upper limit to how heavy the heavy traffic may be. If the road can handle the load, then so can the Actibump.

Do you think this is smart?


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