Smart Citizens: Engagement and Participation

For my Master's Thesis, I am pursuing the topic of Smart Cities from the perspective of the citizen. Primarily, focusing on first, the awareness among citizens about their cities "smart initiatives" and secondly, the extent to which they participate and would like to participate in such initiatives. My sample population consists of normal citizens as I would like to investigate how much the average citizen is aware of these things. However, I am looking for people on this forum who have somewhat of a previous experience either about or working with smart cities who I could hopefully conduct a short interview with so I could use that as sort of a benchmark when compared to normal citizens of a city.


Anthony M

Hi Asad, Is there any specific requirement to be your Sample? I'm from Indonesia, but interested to share how i feel and think about my city's smart city project.

Marcel Scheel's picture
Marcel Scheel

Hi Asad. Interesting topic. We sometime explain citizens about the way our Smart City Pest Solutions work. I have not very much experience in it, just some.