Smart City 2020- Workshop

I am looking for partners to run a workshop related to "Smart City Planning", initially in the city of Lima-Peru and Mexico City. However if someone is interested in launching the workshop somewhere else I am ready for the challenge.



Thanks for your response. Just to let you know a little bit more about the proposed approach for the workshop:
A smart city plan should start with people, therefore we recognize technology as an interface that facilitates the design, management, operation and update of the networked infrastructure.

Three main thematic clusters are considered:
• Natural Resources & Energy (The Hardware)
• Built Environment (The Software)
• Society & Skills (The User)

Within each thematic cluster we will focus on:
• Data & Knowledge Management (The Hardware)
• Project Management (The Software)
• Governance (The User Platform)

First step, we go through disaggregated thematic clusters (The Hardware, The Software, The User) then we will proceed to integration of solutions, from; Conceptual perspective, data input logic, iterations, loops, and prioritized outputs.

As part of thematic presentations, we will include “soft-infrastructure” solutions, that are the flagship of “Bottom-Up” strategies and takes advantage of local know-how.

Just to remind that, although there are some solutions that could be broadly apply, there are no “one size fits all” solutions.

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iemke idsingh

certainly interested to contribute to this initiative. Spent quite some time in this domain in a worldwide responsibility. Currently (based in the Netherlands) running the Smart City Academie [ still in th eDutch language] with a curriculum that seems to fit your request. In addition I would be able to support individually with
PM to iemke dot idsingh @ Check my LinkedIn page.
iemke idsingh

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Tom van Arman

Hello Jorge,
Our Amsterdam Innovation Exchange Lab is teaching cities like Lima and Mexico City how to transform their streets into living labs to teach citizens how to plan, build and test their own smart city solutions. We regularly run workshops and design sprints around the world to demonstrate agile smart city techniques to reduces risk and drive results... and work fast! Contact us to see how we could help

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Ignasi Pérez Arnal

Hello Jorge,
We are going to launch a new online Certification Program called Global UrbanTICand Smart Cities. We could be interested in partnering you.
Are you able to give us some more new information?

My email is

Best regards