Smart City practitioners/researchers... may I interview you?

Dear reader,

I am Estefanía Morás, and I am a master student in Industrial Design at the University of Twente, currently working on an exciting research project. This project focuses on supporting transdisciplinary, multi-stakeholder collaboration in smart city initiatives and is supervised by Deger Ozkaramanli (link). Current issues in smart cities cannot be tackled by a single profession or a discipline, yet bringing together multiple stakeholders from different backgrounds requires tools and methods that are tailored to their needs to ensure fruitful collaboration. I would like to address this challenge by designing a toolkit (physical or digital) that will facilitate managing value conflicts that may emerge among various stakeholders when trying to jointly define a ‘problem’ or find ‘common ground’.

To do this properly, I need input from both researchers and practitioners. This will ensure that the toolkit will be both evidence-based (based on the latest scientific research) as well as relevant for practitioners working in smart city projects such as yourself. Would you be available for a 1-hour interview with me to discuss a specific smart city project that you have been involved in? The emphasis in this interview will be on the opportunities and challenges that emerged in the collaboration (the process) and not so much on specific smart city technologies.

The date of this interview entirely depends on your availability, but if possible, I would like to meet before the end of September.


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Cornelia Dinca

Hi Estefania, sounds like very interesting research, and relevant for the Amsterdam Smart City multi-stakeholder collaboration approach. Please feel free to reach out via and we can schedule an interview in the upcoming weeks. Good luck, and please do share your results with the community!

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Alex Zito

hey Estefania - our company provides software for collaboration on multi-stakeholder projects. so i'm not a practitioner working in a smart city project directly but have been working on the space - happy to connect if it would be helpful for your