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Theo Veltman, Urban Innovator at City of Amsterdam, posted

Safe smart (digital) city area

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In several parts of Amsterdam we will realize a living lab in which we create a digital infrastructure (network+smart apparatus+data they collect+values), based on what is already there as well as on the needs from citizens living and or working in that area. Working together with several programs and projects like smart mobility and amsterdam crowd management, we will build a digital environment that is safe and usefull for citizen and society.

At the same time we will ask an ethical hackteam to break it, tell us how they did do that end help us to create measures to prevent breaking, taking over control by unauthorized persons/companies or anything else that is not the original purpose of the software or the hardware installed. The objective: learn what to do in order to fulfill needs of citizens in an area; learn how to create a save smart digital city; learn how to prevent and signal unauthorized access or data-copy etc.

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Theo Veltman, Urban Innovator at City of Amsterdam, posted

Smart home and smart living: REQUEST FOR EXAMPLES IN AMSTERDAM (and around)

For a visit in Singapore, I promised that would try to get some info from companies or people involved in examples in and around Amsterdam. So, that is why I ask for info about concrete examples smart home/living. I most certainly will mention the name of your company and/or you if I use the info (and tell yuo if used).

Apart from the general interest I have since I am also CTO at Amstelveen, where we might want to do something in this area as well. But, that is no rush at the moment :)

So can you send me some information about examples: maybe a short description (Word or PDF) and an URL for more info. Mail me please on My australian number (I am available the next 4 hours; after that I am in the plain) is: 0481184872

Topics that I really like to know from your example:
- where is and since when the smart home/living?
- by whom, for whom made/realised?
- what is it about? Why is it or what makes it smart?
- results: i.e. which: i.e. some learningpoints in realisation and what added value already visible (i.e. advantages compared with more traditional homes/living, savings etc)?

And maybe, if possible, as well an idea of
- needed time and effort to realise;
- costs and savings.
- riscs.

Please mail me on

I work at the society of Amsterdam (within CTO) and I am CTO in Amstelveen. So, apart from the need now, I also do have a general interest to see what we can do in Amstelveen perhaps as well. C for more info about me at linkedin:

Thanks for trying!

Theo Veltman

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