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In several parts of Amsterdam we will realize a living lab in which we create a digital infrastructure (network+smart apparatus+data they collect+values), based on what is already there as well as on the needs from citizens living and or working in that area. Working together with several programs and projects like smart mobility and amsterdam crowd management, we will build a digital environment that is safe and usefull for citizen and society.

At the same time we will ask an ethical hackteam to break it, tell us how they did do that end help us to create measures to prevent breaking, taking over control by unauthorized persons/companies or anything else that is not the original purpose of the software or the hardware installed. The objective: learn what to do in order to fulfill needs of citizens in an area; learn how to create a save smart digital city; learn how to prevent and signal unauthorized access or data-copy etc.

What is the goal of the project?

A survey of PWC (2017) and TNO?Dialogic(2016), as well as the visible development s since then make clear that there is a realistic scenario of exponential growth in (1) the available digital services, (2) the number of clever apparatus like sensors, smart camera's and hence (3) the use and transportation of data in public space.
The goal of this project is to prevent theft of data and making sure people are free to move around without being digitally followed, still being able to use all digital services they want in public space

Safety: privacy and security as well as smart mobility, quality of life in a city area

What is the result of the project?

1th fase: how to set up the living lab ion order to achieve learning & selecting 2-4 areas. <<present>
2nd fase: start the living labs

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

Theo Veltman (municipality Amsterdam) & Mark Wiebes (police) initiated
The project is part of the program DI020 in which participate: Alliander, JCArena, police, Mobility Authority region, Waternet

What is the next step?

performing the 1th phase.

What can other cities learn from your project?

In time: how to make as safe as possible as well as what citizens want.

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