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Brazil: Search for organizing partners and participants in a factfinding & trade mission.

With large and mega cities having to cope with urban and sustainable challenges Brazil offers opportunities for Dutch companies, start-ups and institutions.
Starting from March until September of 2019 several events will be organized in Brazil around Smart City and Sustainable Urban Development.
I’m looking for partners to organise a factfinding & trade mission with event, company and city visits.
Also participants who are interested to join the mission to Brazil or want to know more about the opportunities are invited to contact me.
The initial idea is to set up a mission which is customized for its participants. A mission in which there will be room for participants to address their goals and a program which is aligned with these goals.
Are you interested? Contact me at 06-17456045 or
Kind regards, Christian.

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Brazil: Partnership search FACENS Engineering College

Beginning of this month I’ve visited the Smart Campus Facens in the City of Sorocaba in Brazil. I was kindly accompanied by Prof. Romano and Mr. Menasce. It was great to see how FACENS with the Smart Campus has a hands-on project which prepares students for the future urban challenges. FACENS considers the college campus as a city which gives their students an area to experiment and implement urban concepts.

The Smart Campus Facens is looking for international collaborations.

FACENS is the Sorocaba Engineering College with a 40 year history. The Smart Campus Program aims to develop, implement, test, analyse and replicate solutions for Intelligent Cities, using the university campus as an area for studies of solutions that can be replicated in cities. It prioritizes the transformation of real problems into solutions applicable in the urban context, aligning them with the needs, crises and challenges of Brazil for the coming decades.

The FACENS International Relations Department is responsible for dealing with internationalization and multi culturalization of FACENS, developing partnerships programs with institutions around the world, aiming at offering the best opportunities for students.

For FACENS I’m looking for international collaborations with colleges, universities, institutions and companies. Feel free to contact me via +31617456045 or to hear more.

Kind regards, Christian Fasting
For more information about the Smart Campus and FACENS:

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Brazil: City of Sorocaba is searching for Smart City collaboration

Beginning of this month I’ve visited the Town Hall of Sorocaba in Brazil. The secretaries of urban planning Mrs. Zacareli and Mr. Fioravante informed me about their current projects and ambitions around Smart City. They also shared their vision to make the municipality more sustainable and pleasant for its inhabitants. Sorocaba is looking for international collaborations.

The city of Sorocaba in the São Paulo state has 700.000 inhabitants, the metropolitan area of Sorocaba consists of 27 municipalities with a total of more than 2 million inhabitants. The industrial park boasts more than 25 million square meters and over 1,600 industries.

The city is foreseeing a growth of the municipality’s service package due to the growing metropolitan area of Sorocaba and the influx of inhabitants coming from São Paulo. Sorocaba embraces a smarter and more sustainable approach to cope with the future urban challenges.

With the recently started IPLASO ( Institute for Planning of Sorocaba ) the municipality is making a start to coordinate urban projects and unite stakeholders to share visions and implement plans.

In general, the municipality is looking for knowledge, best practices, guidance and support with enrolling their Smart City vision and sustainable urban projects within IPLASO. More specific, Sorocaba is looking for solutions to use their data better and to improve their health and municipal services.

In the Netherlands I’m supporting Sorocaba with their plans. Who wants to join?

Feel free to contact me via +31617456045 or

It will be my pleasure to share my experiences in Sorocaba and Brazil with you.

Kind regards, Christian Fasting.

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Christian Fasting, Owner , posted

Brazil: Public Sector Urban Sustainability Meeting

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4th Meeting of Municipalities with Sustainable Development in Brazil (IV EMDS)

Meet the main mayors and public managers of Brazil during the biggest event on urban sustainability in Brazil.

Demonstrate your smart city and sustainable urban solutions at the Good Practice Plaza and Expo Cities. Share your knowledge and explore your opportunities in Brazil and South America at the Thematic Rooms, TED-alikes and Dialogue Areas.

The IV EMDS will be held from the 24th to the 28th of April 2017 in Brasilia and:
• Will have around 10.000 participants
• Target amongst others, state governments, parliamentarians and legislative advisors, managers and technicians of public consortia, academics and federative entity representations
• Be visited by more than 500 mayors, who have been recently (re-)elected, took charge last 1st of January and are at the beginning of their 4-year mandate
• Host around 350 lectures
• Is supported by over 100 national and international institutions. (e.g. European Union, United Nations, Smart City Expo World Congress and French Republic)

The IV EMDS is realized by the Brazilian National Front of Mayors (FNP-Frente Nacional de Prefeitos). The FNP focusses on 400 municipalities which represent:
• 100% of the state capitals
• 75% of the GDP
• 60% of the Brazilian population of 200+ million inhabitants

As the partner of the IV EMDS in the Netherlands Brazil Services is available to provide you with more detailed information about the event, the key subjects and on how to participate and collaborate. Contact Christian Fasting at +31 06 17456045 or

In April 2017 you will have a place reserved to take part in framing the future of the Brazilian cities and participate with strategic dialogues with the new generation of Brazilian mayors.

Christian Fasting's picture Event from Apr 24th to Apr 28th