Brazil: City of Sorocaba is searching for Smart City collaboration

Beginning of this month I’ve visited the Town Hall of Sorocaba in Brazil. The secretaries of urban planning Mrs. Zacareli and Mr. Fioravante informed me about their current projects and ambitions around Smart City. They also shared their vision to make the municipality more sustainable and pleasant for its inhabitants. Sorocaba is looking for international collaborations.

The city of Sorocaba in the São Paulo state has 700.000 inhabitants, the metropolitan area of Sorocaba consists of 27 municipalities with a total of more than 2 million inhabitants. The industrial park boasts more than 25 million square meters and over 1,600 industries.

The city is foreseeing a growth of the municipality’s service package due to the growing metropolitan area of Sorocaba and the influx of inhabitants coming from São Paulo. Sorocaba embraces a smarter and more sustainable approach to cope with the future urban challenges.

With the recently started IPLASO ( Institute for Planning of Sorocaba ) the municipality is making a start to coordinate urban projects and unite stakeholders to share visions and implement plans.

In general, the municipality is looking for knowledge, best practices, guidance and support with enrolling their Smart City vision and sustainable urban projects within IPLASO. More specific, Sorocaba is looking for solutions to use their data better and to improve their health and municipal services.

In the Netherlands I’m supporting Sorocaba with their plans. Who wants to join?

Feel free to contact me via +31617456045 or

It will be my pleasure to share my experiences in Sorocaba and Brazil with you.

Kind regards, Christian Fasting.


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Christian Fasting

@asc Thank you ASC for adressing Mr. Bellusci. I know Luiz Augusto personally, we have spent some time together in Amsterdam were I showed him some Smart City projects. In will certainly keep him in mind for advice and support. Kind regards, Chris.

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Christian Fasting

@deboranoronha Hello Debora, thank you for the contact. Let's have a call. Kind regards.

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Debora Noronha

Hi Christian, I am interest to join this Project. I am a Brazilian architect and for the last seven years I was working as Sustainability Consultant in Brazil. I recently moved to Amsterdam and it will be very nice if I can connected both worlds.

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Amsterdam Smart City

Hi Christian, thank you for your question! Is Sorocaba in touch with the Brazilian City of Londrina already? @luizaugustobellusci is the vice mayor and does a lot in the field of smart cities!