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Beginning of this month I’ve visited the Smart Campus Facens in the City of Sorocaba in Brazil. I was kindly accompanied by Prof. Romano and Mr. Menasce. It was great to see how FACENS with the Smart Campus has a hands-on project which prepares students for the future urban challenges. FACENS considers the college campus as a city which gives their students an area to experiment and implement urban concepts.

The Smart Campus Facens is looking for international collaborations.

FACENS is the Sorocaba Engineering College with a 40 year history. The Smart Campus Program aims to develop, implement, test, analyse and replicate solutions for Intelligent Cities, using the university campus as an area for studies of solutions that can be replicated in cities. It prioritizes the transformation of real problems into solutions applicable in the urban context, aligning them with the needs, crises and challenges of Brazil for the coming decades.

The FACENS International Relations Department is responsible for dealing with internationalization and multi culturalization of FACENS, developing partnerships programs with institutions around the world, aiming at offering the best opportunities for students.

For FACENS I’m looking for international collaborations with colleges, universities, institutions and companies. Feel free to contact me via +31617456045 or to hear more.

Kind regards, Christian Fasting
For more information about the Smart Campus and FACENS:

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