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The Amsterdam region draws substantial international attention, is renowned as a creative metropolis to both live and work, and attracts the investment of numerous foreign firms. The local business community can profit greatly from this international connectivity.

Amsterdam Trade connects your company to international markets and their business opportunities and brings you in touch with both foreign as well as fellow Dutch firms.

Amsterdam Trade is an initiative of the cities of Amsterdam, Almere, Zaanstad, Haarlemmermeer, Amstelveen, and the Province of Noord-Holland.

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Nancy Zikken, Trade developer Smart City / Sustainable Built Environment at Amsterdam Trade, posted

Smart Cities Week

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Shape your cities' future!

Over 150 speakers discuss their vision for the future of cities. With connectivity, sustainability, resilience and compassion towards disadvantaged communities in mind. There are also plenty of workshops to attend.

Nancy Zikken's picture Event from Sep 27th to Sep 29th