Workshop Flexible Urban Transport

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Flexible urban transport services leverage on the advantages of scale and efficiency that characterise public transport systems while offering more flexible transportation alternatives that can compete with the comfort associated with private transportation. It therefore allows catering for diverse demand patterns and schedules and provide an adaptive service that can offer some of the benefits of both private and public services and thus develop a new market for flexible urban mobility services. This trend is expected to be further accelerated by developments in vehicle automation.

Flexible urban transport services comprise a large range of emerging services including car sharing, bike sharing, app-based carpooling and demand responsive transit. With the increasing fragmentation of the transportation market, innovative platforms for matching supply and demand have been developed to facilitate a more efficient market for managing mobility as a service. This emerging and promising mobility domain calls for the development of new policies, strategies and models to support related urban and transport planning and management.

Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS) will host a workshop intended to generate a discussion around several forms of flexible transportation that are being implemented and studied in Europe. The workshop is organized by the Department of Transport and Planning in TU Delft. AMS and TU Delft identify the emerging field of flexible urban transport as an important and emerging domain that holds great opportunities as well as challenges. The workshop is intended for transport planners, practitioners, government agencies and researchers.In this workshop, policy makers, operators and researchers will provide their views and share their experiences on developing flexible urban transport solutions. Attendance of the workshop is free of charge, however, for catering purposes please register by clicking on this link.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you on 9 September!