Clothes Swap @ Fashion for Good Museum

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On Tuesday, the 13th of September 2022, the Fashion for Good Museum is organising a new edition of the Clothes Swap. A perfect way of giving your unworn items a new home and an easy and fun way to refresh your wardrobe with new (second hand) items. Good for you, the planet and your wallet!

Want to join?
Do you have any clothes you’re not wearing anymore? Those items that have been stuck in the back of your wardrobe for ages and never make the cut? Perfect clothing pieces to swap!

Collect your items and hand them in at the Fashion for Good Museum (Rokin 102, Amsterdam) from 31 august to 12 sept (daily between 11 am - 5 pm, please note: the museum is closed on Tuesdays!). Please note this timeframe is before the actual event, because we want to make sure all items handed in get a proper quality control, so that you can do happy and relaxed swapping!

Clothes Swap rules:
- You can hand in a maximum of 5 items per person

The following types of clothing are NOT accepted:
- Underwear
- Swimwear
- Company workwear
- Fur
- Shoes in fair condition (Note. we have a strict curation for shoes and only take the ones that are in perfect condition)
-Clothes must be clean and washed
- Torn, stained or worn out clothing will not be accepted

We will categorise the clothing handed in one of the following categories:
Yellow: fast fashion brands <> worth 1 token
Red: mid end brands <> worth 2 tokens
Blue: high end brands <> worth 3 tokens

Example of token system: you bring in 2 yellow items (=worth 2 tokens), 2 red items (=worth 4 tokens) and 1 blue item (=worth 3 tokens) gives you a total of 9 tokens available for ‘buying’ your new items! You could spend this on 9 yellow items, or 3 blue items for example.
Be quick! There is a limited amount of tickets available.