Data Dilemmas #2: Sensing the City

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This week the City of Amsterdam announced that for the upcoming year, Google will measure the air quality in the city.
In the last couple of years, there were plenty of inspiring local initiatives measuring and sensing issues, such as air quality, water quality and amounts of people.
What were the results of these experiments and projects?

On the 6th of June, several initiatives will present themselves, share the data they collected and tell you about the challenges they encountered.
Did these examples have an influence on governmental policy?

Leonie van den Beuken - Director Amsterdam Smart City

Ron van der Lans - City of Amsterdam

Judith Veenkamp - Waag
Air quality in the Smart Citizens Lab, Smart Citizen Kit and demo of sensor of project Hollandse Luchten

Tom van Arman - CITIXL
Upcoming camera vision experiment using UMBO to keep the Marineterrein safe and secure for it occupants and visitors.

Roel van de Loo - SPPS
Sensing in the Port of Amsterdam and reflexions

Would you like to present the results of your measurements?
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