Data Dilemma’s: Sharing data for MaaS systems

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Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is about planning, booking and paying for all possible transport via apps. It enables carefree, integrated travel according to your own preferences. In MaaS apps, mobility such as buses, taxis, trains, metros, shared or rental bicycles and cars, charging stations, parking spaces and more, will be fully accessible. It helps users to get tailor made options varying by modality, time and costs to get from A to B. To get there, mobility providers have to collaborate. They have to share their data and work in a standardized system.

There’s not yet a fully operable MaaS system in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. This is mainly due to two reasons: there are a lot of different mobility parties in our region that collect data in various ways and are hesitant to share them. Besides the big amount of private parties, there are also a lot of (local) governments that have a say in the development of MaaS systems. To ensure a level playing field, these governments have to play an important role in setting up standards and uniform preconditions.

In some European cities, the situation is different and MaaS systems are running. What are their success factors? How did they convince private parties to share data to set up a MaaS system? How did governments reached an agreement on this? Which steps are the most difficult to implement? How are decisions for further development made?

Time to expand our horizon and learn from international best practices! During this session, Amsterdam Smart City, together with the Province of North-Holland and Datalab Amsterdam, are looking for answers and best practices from an international audience.

Join this session of Data Dilemmas on the 18th of February!

Program: Online event
Date: 18th of February 2021
Language: English

15.50: Digital walk-in
16.00 – 16.05: Introduction by Amsterdam Smart City & Datalab
16.05 – 16.10: Introduction to challenge by Province of North Holland
16.10 – 16.45: Presentations + Q&A
- Juan Corro, CIO EMT Madrid (public urban transport Madrid)
- Sami Sahala, ITS Chief Advisor, City of Helsinki & Forum Virium

16.45 – 17.15: Plenary discussion and wrap-up

About the Data Dilemmas series
Mobility as a Service solutions show us that possibilities of using data and new technologies to address mobility challenges are endless. We use the data to make cities safer, cleaner and more accessible. But do we really need the data in all cases? What happens to all the data that is collected? Which choices did people make and why? Which dilemmas can be encountered? These questions are important for everyone; for governments, knowledge institutions, residents and companies. Amsterdam Smart City likes to explore with you which decisions are needed for responsible use of data. Data Dilemmas is a collaboration between Amsterdam Smart City and the City of Amsterdam’s Datalab.

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