Design Thinking & Innovation // Talk + Drinks

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Join Ekaterina Solomeina, co-founder of Future London Academy and Auke Schotanus, curator at Future London Academy and founder of Pontonniers to hear how to use Design Thinking in business, create a culture of innovation, find creative solutions to existing challenges and make this world a little bit better.

Whether you are already practising Design Thinking and want to hear some personal tips; or you are totally new to the methodology and want to see how it can help your business – come to get inspired, learn new things and meet like-minded innovators and entrepreneurs over a drink.

This event is perfect for:

— CEOs, CIOs and business owners
— heads of design and innovation departments
— product managers and team leaders
— service and experience designers
— UX researchers
— innovators and trendsetters

You will learn:

— how Design Thinking can help your business
— how to step back and reframe complex issues
— how to train your brain to be more creative, even if you are a logical thinker
— case studies from some of the leading organisations
— books to read if you are interested in the topic

About the speakers

Ekaterina Solomeina – creative director, design thinker and entrepreneur. For the past 14 years she has worked with the top design and innovation companies around the world, including Mind Gym, LOWE, Art Lebedev Studio, AMS, NB Studio, St. Lukes and Michael Wolff, helping to grow brands, developing design teams and create new digital products. Ekaterina is passionate about self-improvement through design and is a regular speaker for educational institutions across the globe including TEDx, Brunel University, Rambler&Co, Yandex and Outreach Digital.

Auke Schotanus helps organisations reshape how they deliver value in an ever-changing digital world and guide them in their transformation to become agiler and have more attention to innovation. He started his career at Deloitte Consulting and has years of experience as a strategic adviser and programme manager with organisations in various industries in Europe. During projects, he uses these principles of design in collaboration with his clients to create human-centred experiences, products and services. Auke also curates Design Thinking & Innovation Week at Future London Academy.