The Demo Days – our instrument to boost innovation

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** Not only are the Demo Days open for our community, but we also offer you the opportunity to pitch your innovative initiative during the event. We want to involve our community more in the activities that we regularly organise, as you are an important part of the Amsterdam Smart City innovation ecosystem. That said, it’s also important to share some more background information about instruments like the Demo Days, that we use to boost innovation. Last year we told you a bit more about our instrument The Transition Days. This time, we’ll tell you all about the Demo Days. What are they and why would you want to participate?**

The goal

The Demo Days are one of the tools we use to stimulate innovation and encourage connection between our partners and community. The purpose of the Demo Days is to present the progress of various innovation projects to each other, ask for help, share dilemmas and involve more partners in a project to take these projects to the next level.

We have created the Demo Days as a safe place for asking input from the network. A fresh perspective from another professional can be exactly what you need to move forward. You cannot work on a transition alone, which is why it’s important to involve others in your process.

The set-up

The Demo Days are hosted a couple of times a year, usually every 2 to 3 months. We always combine two of our four themes: energy, circular city, mobility and digital. We start with the so-called inspiring 'pitches' with a short request for help for the entire group, followed by separate work sessions in which we work on some more complex questions thoroughly with a small group.

The vibe is inspiring, constructive and uplifting. Using everyone's specific background and expertise.

The first Demo Days we hosted in 2019 were just for our partner network. But as I said in the intro, we want to involve our community more in our activities. Therefore, we regularly communicate about when these events take place, the program and the recap afterwards. Giving you a chance to participate and learn from the knowledge that was shared.

Are you joining us?

For the upcoming Demo Days and each subsequent, we would like to offer you the opportunity to take the stage as one of the pitches.

Are you working on an innovative project that could use some input? Or are you preparing for an inspiring event that needs a spotlight?

If it fits within our themes, sent a message via or let us know in the comments. We are happy to talk with you to find out if it's a match!