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GreenBuzz regularly organizes networking events for professionals that want to make the world more sustainable. Join our next event on january 24 at CIRCL's Rooftop Bar for inspiring stories, drinks and broadening your sustainability network with people who work in various sectors but are all curious about and committed to make their businesses more sustainable!

What can you expect during this evening? Next to our two speakers we will have a couple of short networking rounds, during which you have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded people. No matter whether you want to share experiences on sustainability efforts within your organisation, seek advise on making a first or next step in your professional career linked to sustainability or whether you look for input and help on how to kickstart your own project at your firm - our event will help you find and connect to the right people!

On wednesday 24th of january we'll discuss the topic 'From Ambition to Impact'.
In what way can you make sure as an organisation/company that your strategy/execution is becoming more sustainable? Which steps and processes are to be taken and how do you counter problems on the way?

Two speakers will talk about how they went from a sustainable idea to creating lasting (social) impact in theirsectors.

Gwen Cunningham - CIRCLE ECONOMY
Our first speaker is Gwen Cunningham who works at Circle Economy: a social enterprise organised as a cooperative which accelerates the transition to circularity through on the ground, action focused, development of practical and scalable solutions.

Gwen Cunningham works on making the Fashion Industry more sustainable through the Circular Textiles Program at Circle Economy and the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. She's determined to transition the textiles industry from a pollutive, damaging linear model to a vibrant and innovative circular one; through multi-stakeholder pilot projects and education.

Niina Pussinen - ABN AMRO
Our second speaker will be Niina Pussinen who works as a Business Development Manager at the ABN AMRO bank. Niina works on various ways to integrate sustainability into the strategy of the ABN AMRO bank.

Tickets include a free drink.

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