How to collaborate with citizens in creating climate resilient cities?

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When: March 25, 10:00-11:00 (CET)
Where: Online
Costs: Free
Language: English

Sensors are getting cheaper, more and more people are starting to measure things within the city and as a consequence a lot of data is being gathered. This session will focus on how different organizations and (citizens) collectives can work together to collaborate on these important topics. Specifically, we will address this from 3 different perspectives:

💧 Municipality of Amersfoort (Gemeente Amersfoort )
💧 Citizen Science collective Meet Je Stad (De War )
💧 Provider of digital infrastructure for collaboration (Civity)

From each perspective the following questions will be answered:
- What is the added value of working together?
- What are the necessary prerequisites to make the collaboration work?
- How do the interests align, what are the challenges of such a collaboration?