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Amsterdam is a 700-year-old city built on the muddy banks of a river. Maybe that doesn't sound very innovative. Please be very welcome on the launch of a very special city innovation tour with special features and hidden innovations in public space to be shown. Join the 'special edition', meet experts and do a workshop with Alliander on citizen involvement in the energy transition.

Connecting program: ROEF festival! On the roof of the NEMO building you get a glance over the old riverbanks and do interesting experiments. The first 15 people to register for the Innovation Tour get their ROEF ticket for free! Be quick because we only have limited seats!

This innovation tour and open house is part of the WeMakeThe.City festival. Please get your festival pass (€10.00) first and then register for this event.

•14.00 Selfguided innovation tour launch and special edition, from Central Station to Marine Terrain
•15.00 Feedback and suggestions
•15.30 Choice: ASC Open House or Marine terrain presentation
•16.00 Workshop Alliander about OMONS (energy transition)
•16.25 Drinks and visit to smart roof
•17.00 Optional: ROEF festival at NEMO

Experts joining us:
- László Vákár (Movares)
- Judith van Laarhoven (Amsterdam Electric)
- more t.b.a.


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