Live Webinar - 'Meet the Innovators' South Asia

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Join us to learn more from the start-ups at the cutting edge of sustainable fashion innovation - 'Meet the Innovators' is going digital again in May! This time we’ll be hearing from some of the first innovators in our South Asia Innovation Programme which launched earlier this year.

Fashion for Good's International Expansion Manager Priyanka Khanna will host this session, giving a brief intro on how we work alongside these innovators through our Innovation Platform. Each innovator will then share the disruptive solution they are working on – with an opportunity for you to ask plenty of questions to make the most of the session.

Innovators Pitching:

Shikha Shah – Founder and CEO of AltMat
AltMat (previously Canva Fibre Labs) uses a mixture of mechanical, chemical and enzymatic process to produce industrial fit fibre and yarn made of agri-waste such as hemp and banana waste sourced directly from farmers and hemp producers.

Amit Gautam – CEO and Founder of TextileGenesis
TextileGenesis is a blockchain traceability system specifically created for the apparel sector that focuses on sustainable fibres such as wood-based fibres, organic cotton and organic wool. Consumers can scan the barcode with their mobile device to see the various steps that were taken to create the product​.

Krunal Patel – COO of Indra Water
Indra Water has developed affordable, fully automated wastewater management treatment and packaged re-cycling solutions. The process is capable of a variety of water treatment through novel innovations in electro-coagulation, electro-chemical oxidation, two-phase solids separation, disinfection, distillation and pollutant monitoring hardware.

Please note that this is part of our Meet the Innovator series - with each event introducing different innovators working on different solutions - watch this space for date announcements for the next event.