Meaningful Performance without HR

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The hierarchical way in which organisations foster talent has been losing credibility for decades. Many people don’t feel valued and aren’t giving their best, which means that performance and job satisfaction suffer.

The Playmakers co-founders Jos van Snippenberg and Maaike Huisman will introduce you to an integrated approach to align people, business and purpose without HR.

Jos and Maaike will help you experience what it takes - as a startup entrepreneur - to facilitate a new way of driving performance. You will also get a template for a business one-pager that serves as the anchor for everyone in the company to understand the collective dream you’re trying to achieve.

Who is this for: Ambitious entrepreneurs with a growing company who experience difficulties in connecting the right people to the right roles with the right focus.

Who are The Playmakers: Jos and Maaike are passionate about making people matter in work. They are using their international corporate and SME experience in business consulting, sales, marketing and HR for a new approach to boost work performance in a meaningful way.