Responsible Sensing Safari & Workshop

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There is a lot of sensing going on in Amsterdam. Where are these sensors? What kinds of sensors are there? How do these sensors help our city? Join us on October 4th for a hands-on workshop to learn how to use 1) privacy-by-design toolkits, 2) discover citizen centric sensors and 3) learn how to make your own smart city projects more responsible.

Join us for an inspiring afternoon to learn and build human centric smart city technologies.

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Are you a concerned smart citizen, or smart city innovator? This workshop is for you! Tom van Arman, from TAPP - Smart City Architecture will guide you through the many legal, technical and even spatial considerations that you'll need to know about before deploying sensors in public space. Participants will go on a real-world Sensor Safari to discover the many devices in their natural habitat. Finally, roll up your sleeves and work together in a ‘Sensing Dilemma Workshop’ where we will field test some sensing projects to see how it can help (or harm) our future city! The workshop will take place on the Marineterrein, an inner-city test ground for a sustainable living environment.
Ethics in smart city technology is not something you assess at one specific point in time in a tech's lifecycle and then can forget about it. In the project Human Values for Smarter Cities, researchers, designers, civil servants (The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam), and citizens look for ways ethical principles can be interwoven in the articulation, making, deployment and adjustment of smart city technology.