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Do you wonder what a smart city is and what this means for you as a user of the city? Do you want to discover how we are tackling urban challenges in an accessible way? Join the Smart City Workshop!

You do not need prior knowledge, but you are a user of the city of Amsterdam. We will experience which things in the city make you happy or not, and how smart solutions have to do with public values such as privacy, autonomy and justice. How do we develop the best solution for everyone?

This playful and interactive workshop on Smart Cities and the role of citizens is provided by NEMO City Lab and VU Athena Institute in collaboration with Amsterdam Smart City.
Register here: https://wemakethe.city/nl/programma-item?programid=4446

Prior to the workshop, you can walk our new innovation tour. In this special edition, in Dutch, we will show you hidden innovation in the public space. Register for the tour here: https://wemakethe.city/nl/programma-item?programid=4445

This event is part of the WeMakeThe.City festival. Please get your festivalpass first (€10.00) and then register for the workshop.


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Amsterdam Smart City

Unfortunately this workshop is cancelled. We are very sorry for the inconvenience!