Smart Data, Smart City: Data dilemmas #3: The International Edition

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Amsterdam Smart City, Boston and Reykjavik would like to explore with you which decisions are needed for responsible use of data.

The possibilities of data and new technologies for urban challenges are endless. We use data to make cities safer, cleaner and, for example, more accessible. But what happens to all data that is collected? Who may collect them? Which dilemmas do we encounter when we collect (personal) data to improve the city? Which choices did people make and why? Which considerations play a role?

These questions are important for everyone; for governments, residents and companies. Amsterdam Smart City would like to explore with you which decisions are needed for responsible use of data.

In part 1 we discussed the opportunities of Tada: a manifesto for the responsible use of data and a 3D model for Amsterdam. In part 2 we discussed the role of bottom-up initiatives in measuring data. The third edition will be an international exchange!

Amsterdam, Reykjavik and Boston will share some of their most important projects currently going
on. They will share the data choices they came across and tell you which decisions they made.

Date: 2nd of December 2019
Location: Datalab, Weesperstraat 113, Amsterdam

15.45: Walk-in
16.00 – 16.05: Introduction by Leonie van den Beuken, program director Amsterdam Smart City
16.05 – 16.20: Smart City Hilversum platform by Atos + discussion
16.20 – 16.35: Questioning the ethics of technology implementations by Jaclyn Youngblood, Mayor’s Office, City of Boston + discussion
16.35 – 16.50: Bike data commons by Sander van der Waal, Waag + discussion
16.50 – 17.05: An integrated data warehouse and challenges/dilemmas by Óli Páll Geirsson, Chief Data Officer, City of Reykjavik + discussion
17.05 – 17.20: Plenary discussion and wrap-up
17.20 – 18.15: Drinks & laughter

Photo: Hans Kleijn