Speculative Design for Businesses

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Map the future of your business in a meaningful way!

The future is uncertain. Recent environmental, societal and technological developments give us a hard time understanding the changes our world goes through. For Businesses it can be challenging to keep up. A focus on products, services and customers isn’t enough anymore: it also means understanding the world and our relationship with it, and within it, in a different way.

Speculative design is an approach that offers tools to map the future in a meaningful way. Instead of focussing on problems in the present, speculative designs imagines how developments change over time and effect the future. By building a both possible and preferable future you combine business vision and practice. It enables you to describe your role in the near future as a business and offers speculation about matching products or services. It opens up ways of thinking about business beyond an immediate attempt to solve current problems, and instead see opportunities to affect longer term change in the world.

We will use the intervention design approach, a method that aims at (re)shaping a new practice that is useful now, not in the future.


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Theo Ploeg
Dedicated accelerationist. design and media sociologist. tells stories of possible futures. Lives happily in the extreme now. Researches, teaches, talks and writes. Wandering on the edges of speculative design, design fiction, pop culture, accelerationism and speculative realism. Co-Founder of Speculative Futures Amsterdam.

Mick Jongeling
I research the visual and social impact of rapidly developing technologies on individuals and society. I strive to create pieces of work that questions the current state of the Internet and our involvement in it, being it by speculative design, participatory design or field research. Co-Founder of Speculative Futures Amsterdam.