The Big AI and Data Science Graduation Fair

In January 2019 the City of Amsterdam joined forces with 22 AI and Data Science students to work together on improving the livability of our city. These students, coming from the University of Amsterdam, the University of Utrecht and the University of Delft, are doing their master thesis researches at the municipality.

They are working on projects related to reducing poverty and discrimination, battling housing fraud and parking problems, making our city cleaner, decreasing costs and optimizing administrative processes for all citizens.
After months of research, they are now on the final stretch!

Before they submit their theses at the end of June, we would first like to celebrate this moment with a thesis fair at Datalab on the 27th of June.
During this event, the students will present their findings and share their insights with the people of Amsterdam. In a poster session setup, everyone would be able to explore the different projects, enjoy short demonstrations and learn all there is to know about their favorite topics.
You are warmly welcomed to ask them difficult questions, share your improvement ideas or simply get inspired by their work.
But most of all - this would be the moment to show them our support and celebrate their achievements together.