The HOW of key management in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether

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Special request by the majority (!) of our visitors of the last 'Survival Kit' Meetup:

Explain the HOW of key management!
That is going to happen on August 30; a good start after the vacation break. Become level headed about realistic blockchain applications for the public good. Grown on a bed of safely and self sovereign maintained cryptocurrencies:

For starters with - and owners of crypto currencies


(be there in time, because the program is incrementally building up your skills)

6:00 PM Crypto Currency basics towards actual key management - Henk van Cann - Blockchain Workspace
Decent Password schemes, Paper Wallets, 3-2-1 rule, BIP39, BIP44

6:40 PM Yubikey as third factor - Davey Lodder of Crypsys

Logging in and logging on, safe backup using Yubikey as an extra factor.

Protecting your digital assets and online accounts with just a username and a password is not enough nowadays. As static credentials are commonly reused across multiple platforms and vulnerable to being phished or keylogged, additional authentication factors are recommended to ensure log-in security.

Yubikeys are personal hardware security devices which can be used to securely authenticate on many log-in systems, such as password managers and social media accounts. Davey Lodder from CRYPSYS will explain the benefits of using a Yubikey and show how to use this device to protect your cryptocurrency assets from being stolen by hackers.

Davey Lodder is employed as a business line manager at CRYPSYS, a value added distributor of ICT Security solutions in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Within CRYPSYS Davey is focusing on the security topics Identity & Cloud Security, for which the company offers solutions from the brands Yubico and Censornet.

In his spare time, Davey is also (further) developing and expanding his website, which is an online Dutch guide for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

7:20 PM Short break
7:30 PM Cold stores - Erwin Overstegen -
Acquire, initializing, backup, restore (!), transfer of funds, signing with cold stores

More info to come!!