The Social Tech Tour #4: Fairfood

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Are you working with tech or sustainability and are curious to learn how other actors use digital technologies for a better society?

The Social Tech Tour is a series of site visits to innovative, tech-enabled social enterprises. The main objective is 'peer learning': letting innovators and practitioners learn from each other. During each edition, hosts and participants will co-create a roadmap on one particular real-life challenge. This time we will be welcomed by Lonneke van Genugten at Fairfood, a tech-enabled fair food system ambassador.

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Who was involved in the production of your food? Did they receive a fair wage for their work and was this work done under humane circumstances? These are questions we’d all like to be able to answer, but with ever more complex supply chains simply can’t always. That’s where blockchain technology comes in. WWF Australia and BCG Digital for example, recently started a project to track fish with blockchain technology and reveal whether the food was produced legally and sustainably. Will blockchain and other tech innovations pave the way for fair and sustainable food trade? What particular steps need to be taken and what role do consumers play?

This edition is dedicated to Fairfood, an Amsterdam-based campaign organisation that has been pioneering with blockchain solutions since 2017. Their motto: good food starts with transparent food chains. The guiding question for this event is, how can technology nudge consumers to engage with sustainability and human rights issues in their daily food?

This event will be on 27th of March from 15.30 until 18.00 The space is limited to 20 participants. It is recommended but not mandatory to attend all editions in the series. This event will be English spoken.

Fairfood is an NGO with a big mission: to make our global food chains more sustainable. The organisation aims to do so by using innovative technologies like blockchain. Fairfood believes that good food starts with transparent chains. Because only when we know where our food comes from and who is involved in its production, we can tackle issues like unfair trade. Fairfood also runs a living wage lab together with Hivos, whereby different stakeholders from the agrifood sector (supermarkets, producers, quality marks, the government) co-create practical solutions that can be put instantly to the test within the Lab environment.

15.15 Doors open
15.30 Welcome & Introduction
15.45 Pitch: Fairfood
16.00 Mini-Tour
16.10 Co-design workshop: Looking at technological tools to incentivize consumers to engage with sustainability and human rights issues in their daily food
17.20 Wrap-up
17.30 Drinks

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