Think Future Today #2: Moving relationships on/offline

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Technology made much of face to face communication redundant. We learn, work, date and communicate with our family and friends more online than offline.

A recent survey shows that 65% of American millennials don't feel comfortable engaging with someone face-to-face, and 80% prefer conversing digitally. At the same time, artificially intelligent bots are becoming better and better at modelling human conversation and relationships. While humans are limited in the attention and kindness that they can expand on another person, artificial bots can channel virtually unlimited resources into building relationships.

And it can go really far. In Japan, 30% of single women and 15% of single men aged between 20 and 29 admitted to having fallen in love with a meme or character in a game. The new trend to date an application is on a rise there.

In this meetup, we will talk about the future of changing nature of human connection in the digital world. Is there a future for the real human interaction?

Our THINK FUTURE TODAY series are born from many conversations we have when talking about the development of skills of the future. Every time we hear different questions, concerns, ethical dilemmas and challenges the advancement of technology and AI brings. We decided to create a space to talk about it with each other. Not expert focussed, but reflection and dialogue driven. In the end, we want to THINK TODAY what FUTURE we want to be part of tomorrow.

This meetup is free of charge, but we have a limited capacity, so please register ONLY if you are SURE you will be joining. We will use English for the introduction, but you will be able to speak both English or Dutch during the discussions.