United Colors of IoT

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The United Colors of IoT Festival is all about bringing together the IOT-Community with lots of unlimited, free beers.
Big companies as well as start-ups, creatives, venture capitalists, IT and everyone who is part of the IOT-revolution will be present.
Hosted by Dutch TV-presenter Judith Osborn, confirmed speakers are Jan Willem Smeenk (Co-Founder Booking.com) Gilles Robichon from IOT360, Gijs Boerwinkel from Waag Society, Jonathan Carter from Sensemakers, Orne Brocaar from Open Source Lorawan Server, Ruurd Priester (Fellow at HvA, former Strategy-Director at DigitasLBicon) and Jasper Visser, International Change Agent at VISSCH + STAM.
Expect workshops (DIY with Lego) talks, networking and free, unlimited beers.
Catering by Hete Bliksem!
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