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First we shape our cities. Then the cities shape us. The place where we live and work has a big influence on us. And we have influence on those exact places. Worldwide more and more people live in cities. The city calls, seduces, connects and makes us creative. But the city can also divide, pollute, tire. The urban area asks us challenging questions. WeMakeThe.City assembles all doers, thinkers and creatives!WeMakeThe.City is a big event between the 20th and 24th of June 2018 in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Amsterdam Smart City is a proud partner in this initiative! Want to contribute or get in touch with the organization? E-mail via info@wemakethe.city. Want to know more about the event? Check WeMakeThe.City and download the flyer with all the information.

Our program can be found here: https://amsterdamsmartcity.com/posts/we-make-thecity-is-on-its-way



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Jim Bowes

Fantastic! I wonder if my company who is doing outdoor communication (with permissions from Amsterdam only) could contribute? I will make contact with the email provided.
Great initiative!