Workbench: Reach B2B & B2G customers

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You run an impact-driven enterprise and wonder what works best when contacting potential clients. Questions you may have: ‘What organisations have most potential?’ // ‘How do I prevent talking to the wrong person?’ // ‘Do I focus on the positive impact I aim for, just briefly mention it?’


In this workshop you will learn about the best way to approach potential customers (B2B and B2G), using first-hand experience of impact entrepreneur Remko Brilman of Videobutler and Bart Krull, business developer at Social Enterprise NL.

You will also gain insight into how large businesses and governments look at social enterprises as potential suppliers. This includes:
// finding the right balance between focusing on your product / service and on social impact
// upselling and the risks of being too service=minded
// going through a sales process – from tech talk to process talks – with relevant sales approaches and skills
// discussing case studies such as Ahold and Strukton.


Remko started Videobutler 10 years ago and hasn’t lost a single client since. His company employs people with a distance from the job market, who - in their roles as Videobutlers - mediate between the technology and processes on one side and the users on the other. This way, the business can make high quality virtual communication work. And save some serious CO2 along the way!

Bart initiated the Buy Social platform together with Social Impact Factory Utrecht. This platform aims stimulate the purchasing departments of public and private organisations to buy from social enterprises, as well as to promote the Dutch impact sector.