Workbench: Start measuring your impact

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This workbench will give you the basics of defining and measuring the impact of your business. You'll learn how you can qualify and quantify this impact, so you can show your (potential) investors and customers how you make a change.

But fear not, we won't be spending too much time on theory, but rather on impact tools to help you to get started right away!

Whether you're already an Impact Hub member or an entrepreneur with big impact ambitions, you're welcome to learn how to get your impact metrics straight.

Your impact measurement trainer

Jeske Zonneveld has worked with the Impact Hub and other organisations to set up impact measurement. She advises municipalities, nonprofits and businesses in energy transition, focusing on the sustainable impact on local citizens and their neighbourhoods.

As she's set up many impact measurement processes, Jeske knows exactly what your first steps should be, what pitfalls to avoid and how to revise your strategy, if need be!