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Have all your questions about Amsterdam Smart City answered in a small group setting. Online meeting is possible.

In person in Amsterdam or online via Zoom

A unique opportunity to have all of your questions about Amsterdam Smart City answered in a more intimate, small group setting. This “mini” consultation session yields maximum benefits for group participants due to the nature of small group dynamics vs. presentations delivered to larger audiences. This 45min session can be booked by delegations of maximum five participants.

Looking for another program?

We offer six main types of programs depending on the interests and needs of your organization:

Please note:

  • This program can be booked at pre-set times via the “Book now” button.
  • The program is offered in-person in Amsterdam or online via the Zoom platform. In-person programs are currently limited to 5 people.
  • For programs cancelled less than one week in advance, we apply a cancellation fee of €100 VAT exempt fee.
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