5 quotes you should not miss!

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We selected 5 interesting quotes from the past weeks on the online community of Amsterdam Smart City. Did you miss one of them? Read them here!

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1. ‘’The smartphone will be the citizen’s personal node in the internet of things and gateway to the smart city’’ – Brian Zanghi

> ‘How smart cities will use the internet of things’, an interesting blog about the Internet of Things

2. “Imagine a fleet of autonomous boats for the transportation of goods and people, but also think of dynamic and temporary floating infrastructure like on-demand bridges and stages, that can be assembled or disassembled in a matter of hours” - Carlo Ratti, Professor at MIT and principal investigator about the Roboat-program of the AMS institute.

> The first prototypes of the autonomous Roboat will be visible in the waters of Amsterdam in 2017. More info about this project can you read here: Roboat

3. ‘’Chemistry has an important role in closing the circle and ensuring all this waste is used to produce novel resource materials that provide new molecular building blocks for new products’’ – Jacqueline Cramer

> Why chemistry is important for the circular economy, read it in here article about Chemistry for the Circular Economy

4. ''To become one of the most innovative regions of Europe we do need datatowers such as this one built by Digital Realty and opened today''Nina Tellegen, Amsterdam Economic Board.

> More and more international companies discover the power of the Dutch digital infrastructure and enter the European market via Amsterdam. More information can be found in the post about Datatowers

5. ''Cities basically go out and want to do everything. Free Wi-Fi, meter reading, environmental sensors, information screens, they want them all and they want them for free. Key is to begin by developing a road map of desired services and then prioritize them.'' - Tormod Larsen, CTO of ExteNet

> ‘Municipal governments overwhelmed with the endless choices for smart city projects need to take a breath and plan ahead’, read more in his article about Smart Cities