Apply now for the World Smart City Awards and give your innovative proposal international recognition at the 2017 Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona!

The 7th edition of the World Smart City Awards will take place as part of the 2017 Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. The aim of these internationally acclaimed awards is to recognize, promote and support innovative solutions or strategies that can potentially change citizen's lives by increasing efficiency, generating business and improving quality of life.

Cities, companies, entrepreneurs and startups, social innovators, research centers, universities, public and private organisations and consortiums are welcome to submit projects and initiatives that cover one of this year's tracks: Governance, Economy, Mobility, Society, Sustainability, Data & Technology, Circular Economy and Safe Cities.

There are three categories for the World Smart City Awards:

City Award
Cities that demonstrate established strategies, initiatives and policies developed for its citizens.

Project Award
Implemented projects that are already benefitting inhabitants in a specific smart city area.

Innovative Idea Award
Innovative, bottom-up concepts that aim to achieve sustainable integrated development in cities and can demonstrate feasibility of implementation.

Interested in applying? Deadline for your proposal is September 4th, 2017 23:59:59 CET. To register click on the link below.

Not interested in applying for the award but keen on joining the Dutch delegation of SME's going to the Smart City World Expo in Barcelona, please email for more information. Or go to