City of Amsterdam bans gasoline and diesel cars by 2030

Yesterday the City of Amsterdam announced the Action Plan Clean Air. One of the most notable measures in the plan is banning benzine and diesel cars. By 2030, the city wants to be completely emission-free and will support citizens in buying electric vehicles. What do you think of this? Can we achieve this or is it unfeasible?


Evert Kuiken's picture
Evert Kuiken

Of course this is feasible. The main issue is the addiction of many petrol car users. Look at how fast electric bikes, scooters and small cars are becoming the new standard. We have to stop taking a petrol car as the default option for transport. Or even stop taking cars in general as default option for transport. Learn from Car2Go and the users of the Biro and alike.

Herman van den Bosch's picture
Herman van den Bosch

The whole country seems to have fallen over this decision. This also applies to the government that is generally silent when it comes to the energy transition. The decision of the municipality of Amsterdam is a necessary step towards elimination of CO2 emissions from the entire city by 2040. See also my recent blogpost