Interesting article: 'Pricing the Curb' by prof. Donald Shoup

Abstract: "Parked cars have colonized city streets for so long they seem to own the curb lanes. Decolonizing is underway, however, because new demands are overcrowding the curb. E-commerce deliveries need truck-loading zones. Uber and Lyft need passenger-loading zones. Traffic congestion has increased the need for dedicated bus lanes. Cyclists want safe bike lanes, and pedestrians want wide sidewalks. The curb is the new urban frontier, and parking is not always its most productive use. The curb lane will not be used properly until it is priced properly. When it comes to managing the curb, cities can let prices do the planning and use the resulting revenue to pay for public services. Getting curb parking prices right will improve cities, the economy, the environment, and the planet."

PricingTheCurb.pdf (601.25 kB)


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