Launch #UrbanNatureAmsterdam, the green and blue map of the city

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11.07.2019 20:00-21:30 / Pakhuis de Zwijger

A city as a #NationalParkCity

July 11 2019 we are launching #UrbanNatureAmsterdam, the first green and blue map of the city. The aim of this large paper map is to show that residents of Amsterdam live amongst parks, gardens, allotments, natural playgrounds, green roofs, lakes, canals, rivers, forests and polders. A unique green and blue urban landscape which we share with more than 10000 species of flora and fauna.

Discover the 'urban nature' of Amsterdam with this map as your guide. You are welcome to attend on July 11 the official launch to hear more about the green ambitions of the cities of London, Amsterdam and Breda. This event will be hosted by Pakhuis de Zwijger.

An evening about urban green ambitions with:
🌿 Daniel Raven-Ellison | Guerrilla Geographer & Creative Explorer and founder London National Park City
🌿 Charlie Peel | Director Urban Good
🌿 Geertje Wijten | Senior Planner Ruimte en Duurzaamheid bij Gemeente Amsterdam
🌿 Paul Depla | Burgemeester Gemeente Breda
🌿 Robert Graat | Programmasecretaris Groene Metropool bij Staatsbosbeheer
🌿 Ioana Biris | Co-Owner Nature Desks
🌿 Arita Baaijens | Explorer, biologist, writer, initiator 'The Landscape Speaks'
🌿 Jaap de Jong | Directeur De Gezonde Stad
🌿 Daniël Goedbloed | Programmamanager Amsterdam Rainproof

🌿 The moderator of this event is: Nadine Galle

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