Looking for partners on Inclusive and AI

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With Inclusive Algorithm, we would like to bring more inclusion and diversity in Artificial Intelligence revolution and business.

Our main objective is to generate more network and knowledge in the Artificial Intelligence field to better understand how artificial intelligence, algorithms and big data can be ethically developed for societal benefit by involving the marginalized groups (groups with migrant backgrounds & bi-culturals).

We just started this initiative and we are building alliances with people believing in our cause. Please feel welcome to reach out if you think we can add value to the work you do or vice versa.



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Iffat Gill

Hi Menouschka, we did connect but have not had a conversation yet. That is still in planning.

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Menouschka Plugge

Hi Iffat & Ahmed, did you guys connect with each other on this topic?

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Iffat Gill

Hi Ahmed, I am interested! I run a nonprofit, a women in technology community and an AI startup.