Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab

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Do you have an idea for the livable city and are you looking for a location to conduct an experiment? That is now possible at the Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab!

The Marineterrein Amsterdam will become available to research, experiment and test in a real-life setting. Today, June 21th, the Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab (MALL) will be launched with the core partners in this project: Bureau Marineterrein, AMS Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute), Amsterdam Smart City and Amsterdam Economic Board and NEMO Science Museum.

Main goal is to develop scalable innovations that make and keep cities livable. To develop, test and apply solutions to global urban challenges, the partners bring together their expertise, network, and communities in the field of research, innovation, urban development and experimentation at this unique location in Amsterdam.

Whoever enters Marineterrein Amsterdam will immediately notice that it is a special part of Amsterdam. The wall, the surrounding water, the tranquillity, the greenery and various image-defining buildings appeal to the imagination and make this area a place that stands out from other places in the city.

Everyone is welcome to test at the Marineterrein. Given the special location, high demands are made on parties who come to develop and test on the Marineterrein. In addition to thematic alignment with the themes of the parties, careful consideration is given to whether the applications are innovative, whether they ensure connection between people and knowledge and to opt for a clear focus within a relevant issue.

Look here for more information, contact details and the registration procedure.

© foto: Siebe Swart (2014)