me2 Dutch pilot started

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The Dutch pilot of the me2 project was launched on 1 September 2017 and will continue until the end of February 2018. It involves 50 households with a private electric vehicle in an around the Randstad area, with 10 of those in Amsterdam. A kick-off workshop was held on 7 June, 2017: 20 people took part and were treated to a presentation by the HvA team, were able to meet other pilot participants and ask questions about the project.

During the summer months, the pilot participants received and installed their smart meters (Cloogy’s) and created their me2 accounts, so that a baseline for their regular energy usage could be collected.

This is the second pilot of the me2 project, with the first one being in Lisbon, Portugal. The community composition differs from the Portuguese pilot. Although most users are centred around urban areas, such as Amsterdam and The Hague, the Dutch pilot has participants from different areas of the Netherlands.

The goal of the pilots is to test the quality and experience of the integrated energy monitoring platform that is me2. In particular elements of direct incentives, gamification and online community will be explored. The platform is currently exclusively available to pilot participants.

Of the Dutch participants, 75% own a private charging point and a little over half of the 50 households also produce their own renewable electricity using PV installations; 80% of the participants (usually) charge their EV at home, with the other 20% charging exclusively at public charging points, either in their neighbourhood, at work or at a fast charger wherever they are.
The results of the Dutch Pilot will be presented in early 2018.