Public Mobility: an integrated vision on how public transport and shared mobility should work in Noord-Holland

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News from the Province Noord-Holland, the Netherlands

Mobility is a necessity for everybody, to be able to work, shop, recreate, visit friends and family, etc. For those who cannot or do not want to use their own means of transport, the province Noord-Holland recemtly adopted a new vision on Public Mobility. This vision aims to make better and affordable public transport possible, also in small towns. How? By making it easier to switch between different modalities. And by offering sustainable, inclusive mobility without using your own means of transport. This includes trains, buses and local buses, but also shared bicycles and shared cars. The province wants public mobility to be well organized everywhere in the province. This is not about more public transport, but about better public transport. It is important that the entire (chain) journey from door to door works well, including:
the train, pre- and post-transport, shared mobility and regional public transport of the Transport Region and surrounding provinces.

Discover here how this system contributes to accessible and future-proof mobility for everyone: 👉
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