Smart bicycle storage at Paradiso knows if there’s a free spot

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The bicycle storage next to Paradiso has sensors since the end of last week. A sign shows if there’s a spot free or if the storage is full.

In this way the cyclist doesn’t have to walk inside the storage to check if there’s a spot available.

The sensors detect if a spot is free and send the information to a sign at street level. Downstairs in the storage there’s a sign that shows where these free spots are available, so the cyclists don’t have to search anymore.

The data gathered by sensors is not just useful for cyclists that stand in front of the storage; the data will be free available. This makes it possible that developers can build an app for the storage for example.

Last year Amsterdam started with a few pilots to deal with the bicycle storage problem. The realization of more spots alone is not enough, according to the Municipality of Amsterdam. The solution has to be smarter. The sensors are a part of these pilots. The sensors will be tested the whole year.

Source: Parool
Picture: Parool