Smart Cameras for a Smart City

Last Friday 01 March 2019, the city of Amsterdam published a digital map showing us which parts of the city are collecting data about our environment and even ourselves:

Among other things the map shows is the actual location of surveillance cameras, but what it doesn’t show you is how smart these cameras are becoming. In the future, these cameras will be embedded with new layers like deep-learning, wire framing, motion tracking and facial recognition capabilities that deliver more detail and insights about our streets, sidewalks and neighbourhoods.

As more of these cutting edge cameras technologies become sewn into our urban fabric, the question becomes: what is the difference between cameras as surveillance or as a civic solution?

Our CITIXL initiative teamed up with Smart Taipei and Umbo Camera to explore how these cameras will impact society in Amsterdam. The goal of this experiment was to collect data as dialogue and discuss what these cameras mean for our future smart city.

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